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January 21, 2015 / WPAdmin

Plastic DIY Fender Frugal Blissful Genius

Seen on Facebook, posted by Tarence from Portland,  Oregon.

The pics and descriptions are posted to the Facebook group Bob Yak trailers open to all bicycle trailers and The Slow Bicycle Movement by user Jenny Miller.

Tarence had a need and solved it with Resourceful DIY Frugal Genius.

After seeing the pics of his neighborhood roads, you will see why!

He calls them “D.I.Y. Amphibiguards” and he made them from “old beat up rubber made tub just rotting in the back yard”!

Pictures speak for themselves.

(used with permission)




January 21, 2015 / WPAdmin

Frugal Wins 2015 CX Nats in Junior 9-10 year Old Men’s Category!

Cyclocross Magazine has an article today featuring Carden King, the winner of the 2015 National Cyclocross Championships in the 9/10 year old category. It has an interview with the young athlete and also a photo gallery of his bike, earned through extra chores around the house.

His bike was assembled piece by piece from a frame and frugal parts, including 8-year old “first generation SRAM Force shifters [that] were the top of the line when they were introduced in 2006,” “a first generation Ritchey Carbon WCS fork” (ie: not new!), other budget Tektro and Origin8 parts and some quite select components when necessary and appropriate.

Frugal is awesome. And WINS!

Enjoy the interview with this AWESOME young athlete here:


August 4, 2014 / WPAdmin

one eight comma zero zero zero

On our local off-road bike association Facebook page there was a conversation about five-figure bicycles, both off-road and road. A member posted these pics from one of our larger bike shops.

Coincidentally, the two bikes mentioned were both Specialized:  S-Works Epic 29er and this, a Specialized S-Works Venge McLaren X2


July 16, 2014 / WPAdmin

$375 Dollar Italian Cycling Shoes for $75 Dollars

photo (24)

Here at The Frugal Cyclist, we are PERFECTLY HAPPY to buy and wear $375, perfectly fitting, handmade, Italian cycling shoes that we bought for $75. We are so very grateful that there are folks in the world who gladly sell their $375, perfectly fitting, handmade, Italian cycling shoes for $75 because they have gotten a bit scruffy and dirty looking and no longer hipster chic and bright white!

We. Are. Grateful.

Yes. (23)

The dogs agree.

March 18, 2014 / WPAdmin

Makin’ em Last – The Eternal Sidi Sole

I ran across THIS fabulous post about making your Sidis last longer than their lifetime – by replacing their worn down soles.

On some Sidi shoes, replacing the MTB lugs is easy, because they are made to be replaced! (Thank you Sidi!) On the Dragons, the lugs are screw-on modules.

However, on earlier Sidi shoes, including my winter Sidi boots and Dominators, the lugs are molded in, or glued on. What do we do? THIS article showed us!

In his case, he had to cut off the lugs of his Dominators, then epoxied and screwed Dragon replacement lugs/soles in place.

In my case, the winter boots, mine are glued on lugs to basically a road sole. I will be cutting and prying and pulling the old worn lugged sole off.

So you see, Sidi shoes do have an eternal sole!



For the hardcore or true frugaliste, one can cut and use car-tire tread pieces in place of fancy Italian and expensive ($50) replacement soles.


January 31, 2014 / WPAdmin

The ANTI-Planned Obsolescence Tool

The ANTI-Planned Obsolescence Tool


(c) 16incheswestofpeoria

The SILCA presta pump is one of the pinnacles of civilization. It is well built, repair-able after 30 years or more, and allows for a cyclists continued green transportation.

In all the cry to recycle, I prefer: “NEVER BREAK! NEVER DISCARD!”

The Silca pump exemplifies this perfectly.

December 18, 2013 / WPAdmin

Seat Post (seatpost) challenged?

I came across this on an AWESOME blog site, Bike Hacks. Give it a visit!

The blog post is “No Seatpost? No Problem”