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July 16, 2016 / WPAdmin

Makin’em Last -DIY Cycling Shoe Replacement Soles


I have a problem – two actually – three actually – four actually:

I love cycling shoes.

I love my cycling shoes.

I love Sidi cycling shoes.

I am miserly.

Older Sidi MTB soles were glued on.

I hate to retire shoes even when they are worn. So I do my best to renovate them so they keep going. With these older Sidi MTB shoes it is hard since the soles do wear, and eventually start to decompose and disintegrate.

For the dedicated miser, there are solutions. I have already blogged on one merthod. I hope to report soon a new cutting-edge way to 3D print a sole! But today I am exploring on a method I came across using replacement hiking boot soles, cut to fit, epoxied and screwed in place.


Replacement hiking boot soles are $15-$35 dollars. The size is not too important because we will be cutting them up like puzzle shapes to mimic the original sole.

This forum thread was the inspiration. In this case a shoe shop did the work. I am hoping to do it myself with glue and screws.



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