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February 29, 2016 / WPAdmin

The New “Curve”

I wrote about the price curve previously, but have been thinking about it more. I have defined some of the key events more specifically.

the curve

The Frugal Cyclist – The Sweet Spot of the Buying Curve

CUTTING EDGE :: Unaffordable (think – electronic shifting)

NEW :: State-of-the-art product. Prohibitive pricing. (think  – Campagnolo carbon Record 11sp)

Last Years :: New becomes Last Years and is heavily discounted. A good spot when needed. (think – 10-speed)

Disdain for no longer modern :: For the serious frugalist, this is the sweet spot. Modern engineering at a heavily discounted price. Scorned by professionals and amateurs alike. Not state-of-the-art (any longer), not faddish, not retro. Just OLD and unwanted. But it was all that just a few years before. (think – 8 and 9 speed)

Getting a bit long in the tooth :: (think – 7 speed)

Scarcity Sets In :: (think – 5 and 6 speed)

Now Just Old

Why Would Anyone Want

Rare :: Great products, being re-discovered and re-appreciated (think – Campagnolo Nuovo Record)

Super Rare :: (think – Campagnolo Cambio Corsa)

Here is where a schism happens.For extraordinary, the price skyrockets – for good reason. OR For not extraordinary, just quirky and old – only esoteric collectors and historians  are interested. At some point, no one cares except a museum in the Mid-west

Unobtanium :: (think – Rene Herse)


Historic :: (think – bikes from the 1800’s)

The New Curve



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