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February 16, 2015 / WPAdmin

Frugal Screamer

Here at The Frugal Cyclist, we have become cynical. Whenever we hear the word “budget” these days in the mainstream bicycle press, it often means high-four or five figure bikes.

Consider this last week: our least-favorite company [read up on the Roubaix controversy and other lawsuits] that starts with an “S” held a press orgy featuring their $20,000 bicycle and a quarter million dollar automobile.

Jeez! It would be funny if it wasn’t offensive.

So when one of my favorite Instagrammers*,@fransencomesalive, (, started posting about his budget bike project, I was unjustly wary.

fransencomesalive budget project (c)

Well, I had to concede to him my error and I (virtually) ate my bar tape.

Randall is a FRUGAL-MONSTER!!!!  Think $300 SCOTT frame and $550 ZIPP wheelset with PowerTap® hubs!

He found himself (Legally, of course! Always!) a great quality frame, and SERIOUS components for his screamer.

Follow him and the project at Instagram.

But he has totally earned his 5-frugal-stars!


* Randall Fransen | iPhone only | Executive Producer @swiftcollective | via Denver | Riding for @teamlosthighway | supporter of the Oxford Comma





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