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September 27, 2013 / WPAdmin

The Slim Shimano Sidi Specialized Cycling Shoe Syndrome

I have blogged before, more than once, reviews and opinions that Sidi makes the absolute best cycling shoe. Period. All other shoemakers – and few others are dedicated shoe companies and only make shoes which is perhaps the problem!  – all others are distant runners-up: Shimano, Specialized, Carnac, Northwave, Fizik, Giro.

But ultimately what is important is that a cyling shoe fits well and fits your individual unique and perhaps eccentric foot shape. So the best shoe must always be the one that fits best.

Some folks have narrow feet. Of you do, there is hope, by design or by accident!

My my pal Sidi happens to make specific  shoes for different width feet: narrow, average and wide feet using different lasts (shoe forms). Their narrow shoe will be labeled “S” (Slim) after the size stamped  on the tongue (and their wide shoe labeled “M” for Mega.) (and BTW, for the eBayer, “W” means Women and has a narrower heel box, and many eBay sellers conveniently neglect to mention these sizing specifics, even though plainly stamped!!!)


ALL Shimano shoes seem to suit narrow feet, in my experience (although I saw one comment on a forum saying just the opposite! go figure!).  Many folks have to by a size up in Shimano cycling shoes for adequate width 😦

But others like specialized offer only a wide option but a narrow shoe

I suspect some if this is cultural, in spite of multi-national corporation structure – Japanese feet are narrow! Italian feet conform to the average euro-heritage foot of Americans. Specialized are designed by engineers with no knowledge of feet at all. Fizik (actually fi’zi:k)  is the same, but are an Italian company and they listen better to feet.

A little quick Google searching also offers this advice:

“Vittoria and Diadora seem to fit narrow feet well.”
“Avoid Specialized, Lake, Louis Garneau and Time.”
“Bonts (Bontrager)  fit narrow feet.”
“Nike cycling shoes (made by someone else?) are known for making narrow footwear.”

I see advice to use footbeds to take up space in the show, raise the foot and sort of make the shoe seem narrower. But Why?? Buy a shoe that fits! They *do exist!* You will not regret it!

So to conclude: feet are complicated. Every foot is different. there is more to a foot than length and width: arch size, heel shape and not even getting into pronation and supination or hip and knee issues! And then there are shoebeds and insoles and correcting inserts! No one shoe company can fit every foot. Keep trying until you find a pair that does fit!


And me? I am fortunate: I wear a 42.5 Sidi regular shoe (43 in winter) and I love them. But  I also have messed up, bowlegged legs, twisted feet that are duck-footed that wear street shoes on the big toe and outer heel from walking diagonally  and I ride on the outer edges of my poor feet. Yikes!


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