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August 13, 2013 / WPAdmin

The Amazing, Incredible, Extraordinary Super Socks!! NOT

Just the other day I was talking about socks.

I learn now, I am hopelessly behind the times (any surprise?).

Squat, short, low-cut, no-show socks? Au Contraire!

The New Thing is compression socks!

And the New New Thing is knee-high compression socks!

MoJo Socks 11-1006-823

Now I am not saying these are not Amazing, Incredible, Extraordinary Super Socks. Well, yes I am.

But they do look expensive, well-made and complexly designed and probably difficult to manufacture.

So they are probably “worth” the $55 they cost.

But would The Frugal Cyclist pay $55 for knee-high compression socks? For 3% +-1.1% average power output?!



Update: But really.. THIS is REALLY the Problem!:

compression sock tan lines


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