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August 13, 2013 / WPAdmin

The Amazing, Incredible, Extraordinary Super Pedals!

In a (quite impressive, thorough, well photographed and extraordinary) VERY LENGTHY (and only anticipatory to an even lengthier) article/review of the MSRP $1600* Garmin Vector power meter (aka über pedals), the extensive and sophisticated functions of watt-meter pedals and cycling computers were explained and their virtues extolled.

My eyes rolled. Jacques Anquetil rolled over in his grave. And I actually laughed aloud.

600-vector 1329344968575-rigncgerajsp-670-70

These… I call them “pedals” – these pedals measure and record the forces exerted on your pedals and translate them into watt output. The more watts, the harder you are training.

My response is simply this link:

and this:

Jacques Anquetil

Jacques Anquetil


*not counting the $400 Garmin Edge 800 GPS Cycle Computer head unit



Garmin Vector power meter review at DC Rainmaker


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