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August 10, 2013 / WPAdmin

My two favorite bicycle KickStarters

I have two favorite KickStarters.

One are the Revolights.

The other – TiGER bicycle locks.

Both were successful, I think, due to solid engineering and no-hype inventors.

Revolights are highly-sophisticated, computer controlled, spin-synchronized LED lighting that attaches to your bicycle wheels, both front and back.

The Revolights controller only illuminates those LEDs pointed in the appropriate direction, at the appropriate time.. hundreds of times a minute.

The TiGER lock is made form a solidly thin flat piece of titanium with a state of the art locking cylinder. Both pieces are almost indestructible – especially to the random bicycle thief.

Neither are inexpensive. Are they frugal? I’m not sure. But they are both FABULOUS inventions!

(just discoverd a third:


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  1. WPAdmin / Dec 17 2013 4:59 pm


    This list included MY favorites! ToGr Lock, Revolights, ‘Invisible Helmet’ by Hovding!

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