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August 10, 2013 / WPAdmin

Look Keo rebuild #NOT (et al)

Pedal body / cleat retainer / axle / bearings

There is not much to a pedal, but it does a lot and suffers a lot of stresses.
What wears out? A: The bearings

Official word for modern pedals is out: They are NOT repairable! (these at least)

Even though all bearings are standardized, bearings may not be replaceable when they wear out!

Look’s ( and others) process of manufacture, which includes heating, to expand and then pressing on with great force, a shallow retaining collar – makes dis-assembly nigh impossible.

Their solution?:  a $30-$50 ($150-$250 if Ti) pre-assembled axle assembly!

Workable you say?

Yes, BUT…. We have *not* discussed, nor does Look’s axle kit replace, the molded-in unobtanium needle bearing at the farthest reach inside the pedal body that supports the *end* of the axle.


So to summarize:
A not-inexpensive pedal even at the bottom of the model line,
Un-replaceable bearings,
Expensive replacement axle,
Most delicate inner bearing impossible to replace…

Verdict?: #frugalfail !!

(or in the vernacular of 2012 culture: McKayla Maroney #notimpressed)



What are the other options?
A: limited 😦

Read how Speedplay has tried to shutdown the aftermarket rebuild kit vendors HERE


And *their* prices for rebuilding


Look at some older TIME, Shimano, Campagnolo with bearings fore and aft.

The frugalist here reverts back to vintage!

Little ball bearings and grease! Campagnolo, Atom, Lyotard, MKS.



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