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June 14, 2013 / WPAdmin

Frugal Shoelaces (my chainring ate my shoelace)

My chainring ate my shoelace.

Shoestring chainring post image #1

I put this post under frugal, because I think some folks would have just bought new shoelaces.  But I fixed mine.

But the point of this post is not “DIY How to Repair a Torn Shoelace, ” but  should be subtitled “How to Ride Safely with Shoelaces.”

I did not ride safely with shoelaces.

My shoelace was flappin’ around like torn tee-shirt in Cape Cod Nor’easter and BAM! – I am caught in a rotating fixed gear chainring being swallowed into the drive train.

I am glad the shoelace tore. Otherwise I would have a broken ankle and be sprawled along the road.

Shoestring chainring post image #2  Shoestring chainring post image #3

So NOW, I (try) to be obsessive about tucking my shoelaces in, if I a not wearing a strapped shoe* (which still requires diligence in arranging things properly) or real velcro-strapped cycling shoes.

Be careful out there!

And repair your torn shoelaces!



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