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July 5, 2012 / WPAdmin

The “Curve”

This is the curve. It is important, as a frugalist, to pick the correct position on the curve at purchase.

New is the far left end. Retail price.

The first section is the diminishing curve. This is where “last years,” “obsolete” and “old” exist. the end of this is the sweet spot.

The start of increase is where “hard to find,” “out of production” and “rare” exist.

The last half of the curve is where middle-aged collectors hang out. When they (read; *I*) can finally afford what they lusted after as children – could not afford then but can late in life – prices soar.

There is also a coda to this curve.. “the collapse.” When no one can remember, no one cares any more.. prices collapse.

So the “sweet spot” of buying things – nice bicycles and components – is at the bottom of the curve.  For our purposes, 10-20 years or so from new.

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