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March 31, 2012 / WPAdmin

The classic DIY OBP (Oyster bucket panniers)

The plastic oyster bucket DIY pannier (and the less Northeast and more Southwest Kitty Litter plastic pail DIY pannier) are timeless classics of frugal cycling.

They have actually become a cult industry sub-niche on the craft sites.

So I just thought I’d revisit this time-honored DIY classic.

Simply put: sturdy, incredibly useful bicycle cargo panniers can be easily made from the square(ish) plastic buckets or pails used to package fresh oysters in the Northeast states or larger quantity cat litter, elsewhere.

The hardware requirements are straightforward and are only difficult to find depending on the exoticness of materials. Stainless steel metric bolts, nuts and washers are more difficult to find than STD thread steel or brass.

The only not big box hardware store items required for OBP are the rack J hooks. These can be fabricated but also found specifically-made for this application from online bicycle parts houses.  Jandd makes them and several online dealers sell them.

The degree of detail & obsessiveness is determined by the makers personality.

Parts list (general/minimal):
((requires also a rear rack with full dropout supports))
2x plastic pails
4x flat J hooks
Bolts + nuts + washers
Bungee cord


An engineers mind
A craftsman’s attitude

Explore HERE


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