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December 8, 2011 / WPAdmin

When It Is Not A Good Deal No Matter No How!

Top #FrugalFail:  Cracked Carbon Fiber et al

1) cracked carbon

2) buckled top tube / down tube

3) incomplete, missing unobtanium last necessary part

Lovely Colnago with buckled head tube

Some deals are sooooo tempting… but you might need to “just walk away” – or run!

A hand-brazed, rare, Columbus TSX Colnago clover-profile tubing frame is tempting.. if it just wasn’t for that little paint crack at the head-tube that hints of a head-on crash.  Walk Away.

Those cool Carnac racing shoes with kangaroo leather and crazy french graphics.. that only need the unobtanium necessary sole plate to let them work at all.

The rare, hand-built Campagnolo wheelset that only fits the unobtanium titanium 8-speed cassette that new, cost a million dollars and used, costs a million plus, IF you could even find one.

That Trek Madone 6.9 SSL with just that little-est, tiny-est hairline crack…

Some deals just aren’t. Accept it.


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