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December 8, 2011 / WPAdmin

Now blog , first post, Thank You KB Cyclewerks!

This is the

KB Equinox Tempest Cap

I wanted to start this new blog, the frugal cyclist, with the (a bit overdone name) KB Equinox Tempest [skull] cap, because I am a BIG fan and it keeps me alive in the winter.. literally.

AND it is half the price of a Pearl Izumi skull cap.

I HATE – no, just CAN NOT RIDE – with cold wind blowing into my ears, or a cold head.  My Achilles’ heels.

And I know some folks ride in winter with cotton in their ears to stop the wind – which is not a good idea as it keeps you from hearing traffic behind you.

This hat STOPS all that.

So Thank you KB Cyclewerks for making this!

I’m guessing all their gear is probably pretty good too.  Anyone have and experiences?

More stuff… great fit. lots of panels. 6 to be exact. fuzzy inside but not too. fits under helmet very nicely.wind-proof!! comes in three sizes. under $10! a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

disclaimer here:   NO, I don’t get nuthin! for posting this.. I paid for my hat. They don’t know I exist.  I just think its maybe the best friggin’ skull cap out there!

(updated 4/2013 – fixed a link)

Update: 5/2013  They are out of LARGEs, which I prefer, but I love them so much that I stocked up a a few extra MEDIUMs while they were on sale. I took one, stuffed it with newspaper like a head, left it for a week or more, and it has stretched out quite nicely and doesn’t give me headaches! Yay! (I can’t tolerate too tight a hat – it gives me headaches!)

Leslie KB stuffed hat photo (3)


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