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July 16, 2016 / WPAdmin

Makin’em Last -DIY Cycling Shoe Replacement Soles


I have a problem – two actually – three actually – four actually:

I love cycling shoes.

I love my cycling shoes.

I love Sidi cycling shoes.

I am miserly.

Older Sidi MTB soles were glued on.

I hate to retire shoes even when they are worn. So I do my best to renovate them so they keep going. With these older Sidi MTB shoes it is hard since the soles do wear, and eventually start to decompose and disintegrate.

For the dedicated miser, there are solutions. I have already blogged on one merthod. I hope to report soon a new cutting-edge way to 3D print a sole! But today I am exploring on a method I came across using replacement hiking boot soles, cut to fit, epoxied and screwed in place.


Replacement hiking boot soles are $15-$35 dollars. The size is not too important because we will be cutting them up like puzzle shapes to mimic the original sole.

This forum thread was the inspiration. In this case a shoe shop did the work. I am hoping to do it myself with glue and screws.



July 16, 2016 / WPAdmin

The Most Frugal Frugal Cyclist – Patching Tires



Today I found the most frugal frugal cyclist ever! What dedication!

I am a tire patcher. At least I was, until I moved from MTB and 27×1 1/4 tires to 700×23 tires. I had excellent success patching until recently, but with the smaller tubes, I’ve had horrible success getting them to stick. So I’m back to carrying spare tubes. Flats get back on the road much faster, but I do have to carry a wrench now to take the butted axles off the bike since I ride fixed gear.



But this tube I opened the blog post with  @brieboyG  WOW! Respect!!



February 29, 2016 / WPAdmin

The First Big Price Plunge

I have written more than once about the price curve and the importance of positioning yourself at the  best points.

For a performance amateur, who does care about performance, the first big dip in price is immediately after the “Next New (Affordable) Thing.”

Consider today: 11-speed Electronic Shifting is replacing 11-sp cable shifting, and both have made obsolete 10 speed.

…and 10-speed is probably good enough!

So I have started racing cyclocross, and 10-speed is perfect. Relatively modern. Available used. Heavily discounted.

February 29, 2016 / WPAdmin

Technology Paradigm Shift Deals

When technology undergoes a major shift, it is an excellent time to buy the now obsolete technology. Because, well, it was not obsolete last year. It probably works just fine.

For example: Buying rim brake wheelsets now that disc brakes are all the rage.

Everyone is dumping their old wheelsets!

What cost $400 last year is now $100 !

February 29, 2016 / WPAdmin

Seasonal Savings


A great time to be frugal is at seasonal event breaks.

Think the end of cyclocross season.

Cyclocross runs from August to January. In February, equipment is cleaned and stored, or often, discarded, awaiting next years equipment.

So February is a great time to stock up on lightly used tubular tires for example!


Cyclocross tires on sale

February 29, 2016 / WPAdmin

The New “Curve”

I wrote about the price curve previously, but have been thinking about it more. I have defined some of the key events more specifically.

the curve

The Frugal Cyclist – The Sweet Spot of the Buying Curve

CUTTING EDGE :: Unaffordable (think – electronic shifting)

NEW :: State-of-the-art product. Prohibitive pricing. (think  – Campagnolo carbon Record 11sp)

Last Years :: New becomes Last Years and is heavily discounted. A good spot when needed. (think – 10-speed)

Disdain for no longer modern :: For the serious frugalist, this is the sweet spot. Modern engineering at a heavily discounted price. Scorned by professionals and amateurs alike. Not state-of-the-art (any longer), not faddish, not retro. Just OLD and unwanted. But it was all that just a few years before. (think – 8 and 9 speed)

Getting a bit long in the tooth :: (think – 7 speed)

Scarcity Sets In :: (think – 5 and 6 speed)

Now Just Old

Why Would Anyone Want

Rare :: Great products, being re-discovered and re-appreciated (think – Campagnolo Nuovo Record)

Super Rare :: (think – Campagnolo Cambio Corsa)

Here is where a schism happens.For extraordinary, the price skyrockets – for good reason. OR For not extraordinary, just quirky and old – only esoteric collectors and historians  are interested. At some point, no one cares except a museum in the Mid-west

Unobtanium :: (think – Rene Herse)


Historic :: (think – bikes from the 1800’s)

The New Curve



February 16, 2015 / WPAdmin

Frugal Screamer

Here at The Frugal Cyclist, we have become cynical. Whenever we hear the word “budget” these days in the mainstream bicycle press, it often means high-four or five figure bikes.

Consider this last week: our least-favorite company [read up on the Roubaix controversy and other lawsuits] that starts with an “S” held a press orgy featuring their $20,000 bicycle and a quarter million dollar automobile.

Jeez! It would be funny if it wasn’t offensive.

So when one of my favorite Instagrammers*,@fransencomesalive, (, started posting about his budget bike project, I was unjustly wary.

fransencomesalive budget project (c)

Well, I had to concede to him my error and I (virtually) ate my bar tape.

Randall is a FRUGAL-MONSTER!!!!  Think $300 SCOTT frame and $550 ZIPP wheelset with PowerTap® hubs!

He found himself (Legally, of course! Always!) a great quality frame, and SERIOUS components for his screamer.

Follow him and the project at Instagram.

But he has totally earned his 5-frugal-stars!


* Randall Fransen | iPhone only | Executive Producer @swiftcollective | via Denver | Riding for @teamlosthighway | supporter of the Oxford Comma